Font Awesome Icons is one of the most popular icon library. It’s free and has a big collection of icons. If you want to use Fontawesome Icons inside Ninja Forms fields like single line input, paragraph text area, phone number, address fields etc then that can be done easily using Field Icons for Ninja Forms addon.

Features of Field Icons for Ninja Forms addon

  • No coding skill required to add icons
  • Fontawesome v5 icons
  • Support for multiple fields like phone number, zip, single line text etc
  • Live preview of all icon changes
  • Support for multipage forms

How to Add Font Awesome Icons in Ninja Forms Fields

  • Download and Install Field Icons for Ninja Forms addon.
  • Now open the form editor for the form in which you want to show field icons.
  • Click on the styler option from the form editor menu bar. If the styler option is not showing then make sure you have installed the ‘Styler for Ninja Forms’ addon. This is a free addon.
  • Now go to the Field Icons section and here you will see all the supported fields. Click on the ‘Enable Field Icons’ checkbox.
  • Select the field icons for each field. You can also customize colors, size, spacing, etc to better suit the look and style of your theme.
  • Once you are happy with the design changes then click on the ‘Publish/Save’ option to make changes live on your site.

Here is a demo form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Field Icons Global for Form?
Yes, field icons are global for the form. Once you have added an icon then it will show everywhere the form is embedded on the site.

Is there any limit on how many forms I can use the Field Icons addon?
No, there is no limit for the number of forms or number of fields on which field icons plugin can be used.

Do I need Styler for Ninja Forms Addon?
Yes, you will need Styler for Ninja Forms addon. Field Icons for Ninja Forms is built extending the functionality of Styler for Ninja Forms addon. Styler for Ninja Forms is a free addon and it is available for download in the official WordPress plugin repository.

Do you provide support for this addon?
Each purchase gives you access to 1 year of updates and support.