Style Ninja Forms Without CSS Coding

Free & Easy to use Ninja Forms Styles plugin


Styler for Ninja Forms is a free WordPress plugin which lets you design Ninja Forms without the need for any CSS Coding. Here are some of the awesome features of Styler for Ninja Forms plugin.

Easy to use

It has an intuitive UI with easy to use controls giving you the ultimate flexibility of designing the forms the way you want.

Live Preview Design

It doesn’t matter whether you change colors, fonts, border, etc, every change is live previewed.

Responsive design Options

You can have different widths, font size, line height for devices like mobiles, tabs, and desktops.

Plenty of Options

You can change line heights, widths, borders, background color, margins, paddings and lot more without and CSS coding.

Style Individual Form

Each form can have its separate design. Even if they are added on same page, still they will show their separate designs

Quick Edit Shortcuts

When you open the Styler then and hover over any form field then it will give you quick shortcut to open design settings for that field.

Unlimited Use

You can design any number of forms on your website. This is a completely free plugin and can be used on any number of sites.

Completely Flexible

You can give values in pixels, percentage or em. Similarly, for colors, you use the color picker or add hex codes.

Field Icons Addon

Using this addon you can add Fontawesome Icons in Ninja Form fields and customize them with live preview.

Here is the detailed walkthrough video of Styler for Ninja Forms.